Harokopou Studios

Carefree Vacations

In a very nice and calm environment at our wonderful Studios.

Koufonissi is a Cycladic island with great beauty and wonderful beaches. The Harokopou Studios it is built on an area next to one of the most beautiful beaches and offers ideal relaxing and resting conditions. Ideal combination to enjoy your Vacations.

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Harokopou Studios
Harokopou Studios.
Koufonisia Greece , Ps. 84300
Phone/Fax:(+30) 22850 72015
Email: info@harokopou-studios.gr

θεα Ξενοδοχειου

Favorable location

Close to Harokopou beach and within walking distance of Fanos and Italidas beach!
However remains close to the main land of the island, just 10 minutes walk.

Traditional & comfortable

Τα renewed apartments they will offer you all the comfort you need, while they keep the traditional style of the island.

A small paradise

The wonderful beaches and clear turquoise waters,make Koufonissi as a destination heavenly and relaxing.